Trust Interview

Imani - Trust in Teams

Let’s start by talking about working with others. All teamwork requires trust among team members – trust that you can depend on one another, that all members will support the direction of your group, share information and resources equitably, and that everyone will be kept informed through open and honest communication. An environment of trust is established intentionally with lots of thought and patience. 

Remember: Please take your time, because you should write down good and complete notes that we will collect about your partner’s story. Use the back of the paper if needed. The facilitator will give you a new piece of paper to re-write your notes later if you need one. 

Part 1: Trust in Teams

Tell me about a time when you experienced being a part of a group like this. It could be with this group or another group that you have been part of as a member. It is often a family group or a community group. Please share that story. Really tell all of the details. 

What group are you thinking about? Can you tell me some of the details about this group? Who are they? How old were you when you were a part of this group? Are you still connected with them? 

How was trust established and maintained in the group? 

How did you know that trust was present and how did you establish and nurture it? 

What were the benefits of having an “environment of trust”? To you? To the group?