In April 2014 we were awarded a generous grant from the Taos Institute to develop a culturally relevant curriculum for building strengths and collaborative dialogue in NGO teams in East Africa. We worked with the Kimo Wellness Foundation and present a structured process that:

  • Intensifies listening and communication skills
  • Cultivates character strengths
  • Enhances safe connections in relationships
  • Builds well-being and resilience
  • Increases civility in organizations and communities

These pages reflect the ideas that many people have brought to bear on the question: What relational processes support the possibility of a good life, society or world? What kinds of dialogical processes cultivate strength and wellbeing in community? While the language and guidelines may appear fixed on these pages, as further voices are added to the mix, the vocabulary and the process itself will be altered and enhanced. As the team from Kimo reminds us, we are always in the process of “making a better bread”.