Who We Are

CLAIRE FIALKOV, Ph.D. is a positive psychologist and a member of the Core Faculty at William James College. A consultant for over 25 years, Claire devotes her work to improving health and well-being. She teaches and researches strength-based and resiliency models of clinical and organizational training. Dr. Fialkov consults to non-government organizations (NGO’s), educational institutions, and local community-based groups. Her current research is the Strength Landscape Project in which the strengths of NGO workers are discovered with the goal of creating dialogical practices to build resiliency within the global development community.

DAVID HADDAD, Ed.D.,is a psychologist, researcher, and core faculty member at William James College. David combines his skills in Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology with his interest in meditation and mindfulness to facilitate his work with individuals and organizations. In over 30 years of practice, David has helped clients to identify and maximize their individual strengths and resources. Clients include: non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), educational institutions, healthcare agencies, and local community- based groups.  His current research interest involves the assessment and cultivation of strengths of NGO workers.