Informed Consent: Strength Landscape Project

The purpose of this research is to assess the character strengths of humanitarian workers. We are analyzing the data from your VIA Survey to discover the character strengths and virtues of the NGO worker and the values of your organization. We hope that this will lead to the creation of positive interventions that connect a heightened self-awareness of strengths with improved communication, better workplace relationships, and more highly effective teams. 

You are being asked to spend about 20 minutes taking an online survey. Your responses will be recorded. All responses about will be maintained by the VIA Institute and the researchers as part of the data set for the Strength Landscape Project. The data will be held in a secured, password protected computer. We encourage you to read the VIA Institute policy on privacy before you agree to participate in this study, and you may do so by clicking HERE

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You (a) are free to participate or not participate without consequence, (b) may withdraw at any time, and (c) may choose not to answer any question asked. 

Your responses will become part of a larger data pool from all respondents and will be entirely anonymous. We will attach no names or other uniquely identifying information to the information you provide. You will receive a list of your top character strengths as a benefit for your participation and you will also contribute to our collective understanding of this area of increasing importance. There are no plans to destroy the data. There is no compensation for your participation. 

Here are the instructions for taking the FREE survey and entering your research code (FCLC0504) at the end of the survey. This code does not affect your anonymity; the code only identifies you as one of an estimated 200 individuals who we expect to participate in this research project. The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. There are 17 language options in a pull down menu on the registration page where it says English (United States). 

This study has been reviewed and approved for use by William James College’s Institutional Review Board (WJC IRB). If you have questions or concerns regarding your rights as a participant in this survey, you may contact the IRB chair, Dr. Edward De Vos,, or at 617-327-6777. You may also report your concerns or complaints via email to

Please fill out the informed consent form below; upon successful completion, you will be brought to the VIA Survey page. 

I have read this informed consent document. In signing this form or checking the appropriate box on the website, I’m agreeing to participate in this research as described in this document. 

Comments or questions are welcome. 


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